The Abandoned Soldier Facebook Group

Since the news of the book & statue re-launch, The Abandoned Soldier Facebook group has started to pick up and over 250 people have joined. Its not a massive amount of people granted but support is growing.  A few of the original “Abandoned Soldiers” have joined and their input is very much appreciated.

However there is still no news from the media. I have to say I am somewhat annoyed by this as the press like to fill their papers with stories on the same subjects that we are trying to raise awareness about.  I am surprised that the BBC haven’t picked up on this story (after I have sent them several emails) especially as they commissioned TAS in the first place. I would of though they would be interested in its fate?

As to TAS’s fate, we are still none the wiser on its future. We are hoping that a permanent home will be found at the National Memorial Arboretum as we feel this is the perfect place for it to be sited.  It is not raising too much awareness gathering dust in James’s studio.


About theabandonedsoldier

I was commissioned by the BBC for a documentary to highlight the problems faced by many of our service men and women who once they leave the forces often find themselves abandoned by the country they served.
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