Where Is TAS?

Firstly, the official The Abandoned Soldier website is currently down. This is due to the current web hosting WEBMANIA making life difficult for us to transfer the domain to another provider. They have now been threatened with legal action and trading standards have been informed.

TAS leaves the NMA and takes up a temporary home at Cardiff Castle – The Firing Line Museum Of The Welsh Soldier.

February now sees ‘The Abandoned Soldier Project’ move to Cardiff Castle, home of Firing Line, The Museum of the Welsh Soldier. Thursday 10th of February and arrived at Cardiff Castle at 7pm. The move should of been  filmed by a crew from Service Broadcaster BFBS but they pulled out the day before. They  were to  follow members from 47 Air Dispatch Squadron RLC and sculptor James Napier as they moved TAS to the Firing Line Museum at Cardiff Castle.

Media interviews were set up on the morning of the 11th and among the people interviewed was Bob Paxman from the Charity Talking2Minds. Welsh media coverage was encouraging but we did feel that the emphasis was on the statue and not about the “Project” and the charities that TAS represents.

It is hoped that TAS will continue to tour the UK and serve as a ‘Rallying Point’ for those who are seeking information and an increased awareness of PTSD and combat related trauma.
TAS will remain in Cardiff until at least the end of July 2011




We had hoped that TAS would then move to Edinburgh  Castle but we have now been informed that this wont be possible as they have never used statues of an “interpretive” nature.

We are now in talks with Rhondda Heritage Park as they are interested in TAS . We will keep you updated on this.


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