What Our Supporters Say

Is He worth It

Time I think for the views of one for whom TAS exists, a sufferer of Combat Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I came across TAS while searching the term PTSD (having experienced various so called professional routes to treatment) and the first thing to hit me was the Statue. I have never looked in a mirror which is made of bronze resin before but here was a face which said all I have felt and I was instantly at one with it.

I found a group of passionate people who only want to help, no pretence of treatment but instead a guide to options for help, so refreshing. They hold a desire to group together options for fast track contacts (no NHS waiting list) that one in need can use to find what is needed. They also wish to promote PTSD (something sorely needed) partly by making TAS a permanent Bronze fixture in an appropriate place.

I have suffered from PTSD since 1991 and must now take what skills I have to survive, and I will, I will use what resources TAS offers I feel appropriate and I will most gladly commend the supporters of TAS for what they do.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men “- Frederick Douglass


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